We have a network of locations with Specialty Clinic, Poly Clinic, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Opticals etc.

1. National Specialty Clinic, Edavanna
           Thiruvali Road, CPA Junction, Edavanna
           Phone: 7034-29-30-88
           Email: hello@nationalpolyclinic.com
2. Friends Polyclinic, Karaparamba
           Karaparamba Junction, Areacode Road, Manjeri
           Phone: 8943-39-27-06
           Email: hello@friendspolyclinic.com
3. Anugraha Medical Center, Mullampara
           Mullampara Town, Manjeri
           Phone: 9072-55-55-97
           Email: hello@anugrahapolyclinic.com

4. Daya Medical Center, Nelliparamba
           Nelliparamba Junction, Manjeri
           Phone: 91-6161-2727
           Email: hello@dayapolyclinic.com